SEO Search Engine Optimization ‐ site optimization for specific search queries. This is a set of various actions aimed at increasing the level of your resource in specific user searches.

The key to successful site promotion today is competent SEO optimization of its content. The most important factor of SEO optimization is the addition of thematic content to the site, optimized for the needs of search engines.

First of all, the foundation of optimization should be the main phrases that will be used to promote your site, after compiling the semantic core of the site, you should compile the text of the site to the selected phrases.

SEO copywriting is part of the same process as internal search engine optimization, which is done to increase the relevance of the site. Do not forget that the uniqueness of the texts on your site is a very important factor that determines the position of the site in the search engine. In addition to custom optimized content, your site should contain plain non‐optimized text.

SEO optimization has the ability to interest and attract new viewers and a certain target audience or potential customers. You can use a number of key phrases to promote your site.

More keywords are important in promotion and the more optimized the text on your site, the more target audience and potential customers will be able to see and visit your site.

As the number of key phrases increases, so does the number of search queries by which search engine users can find your site. High‐quality SEO optimization of the site together with a complex of certain works will ensure stable support and accessibility of your site's positions. More keywords will allow you to cover as many areas of your business as are covered on different pages of your site.

In addition, promotional materials can describe the products and services your company offers in comparison to competitors. Thus, complex SEO promotion of the site helps users not only find your site on the World Wide Web, but also learn interesting information, evaluate your preferences, so that the result of visiting the site is an order. Probably many people know that the majority of visitors to the site come through various search engines.