Capture design UI/UX Designer is a creative professional who designs user interfaces. UI and UX are two different types of design, but often the tasks of both directions are closely related, so they are performed by high‐level specialists. This profession has a long history. Any customization of the appearance of the product (packaging, outdoor advertising) can be called UI/UX design, as it makes the final product convenient for the buyer. The only difference between designers is that modern UI/UX designers use modern tools.

Usually, a UI designer works in a duo with a UX designer, but according to recent trends, one person ‐ a UI/UX designer ‐ has begun to fulfill the duties of both employees. UI is «user interface» and UX is «interaction with the user».

A user interface developer is responsible for visualizing the application in a way that is user‐friendly and functional. The user interface specialist is responsible for choosing shapes, colors and other parameters to facilitate the perception of the product by the eyes of the user.

The main difference between UX and UI is that UX design defines the level of interaction of the interface with the user, while UI actually provides a step‐by‐step implementation of all the steps the user takes towards the end goal and what it looks like.

Sometimes the boundaries between these two types of structures are very arbitrary, since in practice they are closely related. Therefore, interface development is usually done by one designer.

Site design

image design Site design is a type of design whose purpose is to develop stylistic solutions, design and user interfaces for various web applications, sites and services, taking into account ease of use, convenience and aesthetics.

The development of websites is a very complex process, because thanks to it, many color elements and chromatic solutions are created, often entire works of art are born. Style, appearance, theme, location of the same menu buttons, links to sections. All these elements of web design take a lot of time to learn. Professional web designers have been mastering this difficult skill for years.

Site design has many nuances. The work of a designer is impossible without natural talents, for example: a sense of style, the ability to understand and design color combinations. To create good work, many techniques are used, many specific programs are used, each of which you need to know and be able to work with.

Human perception is naturally built in such a way that each of us has our own definition and criteria of beauty. We all like to perceive what is good and pleasing to our eyes. Therefore, when it comes to web design, it is important to consider the factor of human perception, but you should not focus too much on it. A good website design is obviously a huge asset for web designers, but the user visits your site for information, not for a pretty image, so it's better to fill it with content.