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RUDENKO PROGRAM CORPORATION is a team of professionals who provide a wide range of IT services. Our specialists design and implement projects of any format. We create sites from scratch of all types of complexity. Our designers will help you create a unique and unique design, corporate style and logo. The SEO team will promote the site in the search query, which will raise your popularity in the market of competitors. Advertising specialists attract users, and SMM leads promotion in social networks.

We are ready to answer any of your questions and guide you in choosing a site, price and delivery time

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If you cannot figure it out or are not sure what type of site you need, then you can call us at the phone number or leave a request on our site and we will definitely contact you

Replacement of information on the existing site

If you have a ready‐made website, but it is a little outdated and you want to update it or change photos, prices and some information, we will be happy to help you with this

What do we do?

  • Website development
  • Design
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • SMM

Web development

Creating websites or web applications involves a large amount of work, regardless of the size of the future project.

To implement a high‐quality product, it is necessary to carefully consider all stages of creating web pages and follow a clear algorithm.

It consists of many stages: the main ones are web design, page layout, client‐side and server‐side programming, as well as web server configuration.

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Website design is the first thing a visitor sees, so it's important to keep a balance between content and creativity. The web design of the site can be compared to a beautiful and well‐designed storefront that the user first encounters.

Speaking about modern sites one cannot ignore the issue of adaptability. In the era of smartphones, people mostly browse web pages and make purchases from their phones. If the site does not adapt to different devices, its owner loses a significant part of potential customers.

Adaptive design allows the page to be displayed correctly both on the screen of a phone or tablet, and on a large monitor or TV.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the PR technology of your site in the search bar in order to get traffic.

In simple words, as a result of high‐quality SEO, the site rises in search engine results, which means that the link to the promoted page leads to visitor traffic, because the position of such a link to the site becomes higher.

Therefore, answering the question about what SEO optimization is, we can say that it is one of the most effective technologies for attracting cheap traffic to the site

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Pay per click

This is a model of broadcasting an advertising offer to a target audience, when an amount is deducted from the budget not for the number of ad impressions, but for a click on it. That is, the ad is broadcast and receives impressions, but the payment is debited from the advertiser's account only after the visitor clicks.

In the understanding of the business owner, in the network, a click is a paid transition of the visitor to the target page of the site or other resource that is being promoted.

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Social media marketing

In short, an SMM specialist creates and designs communities and public pages for businesses in social networks, fills them with content / posts with text, photos and videos, links to the site, and also engages in social media advertising.

The work of a specialist usually consists of several stages:

• competitor analysis;
• defining the image of the company in social networks, developing a strategy;
• drawing up a content plan;
• writing texts for posts according to this plan;
• preparation of photos, videos for posts;
• filling the page with content;
• page moderation, work with comments.

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The most popular questions

What does the price depend on?

Website development is an individual project. Much depends on your wishes and the type of site you need.

You should specify what you need the site for: shop, dentistry, blog, coffee shop, etc. , and the complexity of the work and the price depend on it.

The price of website development is not limited to writing the code. It's a full and big team effort that includes conceptualizing your project, testing and promoting it.

It is very important to create a unique site that will constantly work and attract more and more traffic every day.

Why should you choose us?

We will help you choose the type of site that suits your needs.

Before starting work, our specialists study the features of goods and services. We conduct detailed market research and develop a strategy that will further help launch a successful project.

We make an accurate analysis of competitors, study their features in order to create a unique offer for you.

Our team develops resources that work quickly and provide comfortable work for users of any device: mobile phone, tablet or personal computer.

How to order the selected service?

In order to order the required service, you just need to contact us.

You can leave a request or contact us by phone number.

What types of sites do we develop?

Landing ‐ (one‐page site) ‐ a type of site consisting of one page.

Business card site ‐ a type of site with a simple structure, consisting, as a rule, of a description of the company, main services/products and contacts, which does not contain many pages. Usually their number does not exceed 10.

Personal ‐ similar to a business card site, only without an orientation towards solving business tasks. Ideal for providing some information about yourself and your hobby. It is characterized by an individual, unusual design with flash animation and other elements.

Corporate site ‐ is a type of site with a complex, more complex structure and a large number of pages. Let's say that this is no longer a business card, but a company presentation.

Directory site ‐ is a site with a branched page structure. This type of site is a catalog of goods or services provided by the company.

Online store ‐ a type of site where you can not only look, but also buy goods. On sites of this type, a list of products is provided that the user can order there online.

What will the deadline depend on?

The term of creation depends on the type of site you have chosen for yourself.

The term of execution can be 1 ‐ 3 months. If it is a large project, the terms may increase depending on the complexity and volume of work.